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I Wish She Were My Granddaughter -89-Year Old Miley Cyrus Fondled On Stage Speaks

89-year-old backup dancer Shirley Claire, has revealed the 24-year-old pop star improvised the fondle on live TV. Miley had caused a stir at the VMAs few days back when she fondled the grandma's boobs.

Shirley who has been performing professionally since age 10, revealed she was choreographed to grab Miley's chest during the performance -which she did indeed accomplish.

'When she pressed my boobs,' Shirley recalled in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com,

'that was spontaneous. It was unscripted. She is a natural like that.'

'I wish she was my granddaughter,' the singer declared, 'I would spoil her. She wouldn't need to be famous, just my granddaughter who I would spoil. I would be delighted!'

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