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I Felt Imprisoned And Unhappy - Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up On Being Bullimic

Amidst the euphoric success that came with being the lead singer of girl group PussyCat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger was ravaged by a secret battle with bulimia.

In a new interview with Cosmpoiltan, Nicole admitted her body-image issues took hold when she was just 14 and would run in the middle of the night to get 'thinner thighs'.

The 39-year, revealed her eating disorder left her feeling 'imprisoned' and 'stole' her happiness.

'I'm more accepting of my body now. I was always very critical of myself from a young age, and when I was 14, I started running,' Nicole confessed.

'I would go outside in the middle of the night and run, because I thought I had to be thinner and that my thighs should look a certain way.

'When I got The Pussycat Dolls, it really amplified that because it had so much to do with showing your body off.'

'It was very imprisoning and it stole all of my happiness, confidence and memories.'

'A big part of that was during The Pussycat Dolls. I have a lot of fans and I never wanted to come out about it, because I was ashamed. But once I finally did come out about it, I realised how many people it had helped,' she said.

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