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I Am Not Divorced - Uche Jumbo Cries Out

Amidst several claims of her marriage being over, actress Uche Jumbo, has again addressed the issue saying its all a lie.

She took to IG to share a very cute photo of herself penning her thoughts in a post titled

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. The mom of one wrote:

Dear Nigerian Bloggers 

If YOU are going make up stories about my life or marriage try FACTS. 

Normally I will look at this stupid trending story on me today and look the other way but not TODAY!!! ENOUGH!!!!!! I find your need to create mirage tales of rancor where there are none in chase of a story/news outrageous.There's no story here except a woman trying to balance her family life and work in 2 countries.

Please LEAVE my FAMILY out of your manufactured made up stories, there are more important stories, real issues in world people are worried about than little old me.

My only social media cover-up is pretending You "Zero journalistic ethics" people didn't hurt me by your unfounded and non factual stories.

News flash: Marriages in the United States are public record.

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