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Britain's most violent inmate Charles Bronson demands c*x visits so he can become a father

Britain's most violent prisoner is campaigning for the right to have a baby with his soap actress fiancee by asking for sex visits from his partner former Coronation Street star Paula Williamson .

Charles Bronson, who is an inmate in HMP Wakefield, says he will make an amazing father despite his reputation as one of the country's most notorious prisoners and has spent the majority of the past four decades imprisoned for a series of violent crimes.

But despite his past, he believes he will be an ideal father and is calling on the justice system to allow him to become a father after hours.

Why can't I have sex like they do here? I want to be a dad and come out to a beautiful angel with a beautiful wife.'

He  told newspaper The People:

'I want a little baby. I've always fancied a daughter and I'll be the best dad in the world.'I've even got my girl's name, Sophie, the angel of all angels. My life will be a dream come true.'

'Last month in prison down south two filthy, stinking paedophiles got married. They're doing bird in the same prison and they was allowed to get married.'

Bronson knows his only hope is being allowed to have a test-tube baby.
The fitness fanatic told the paper:
I'm 65 now, I can't hang about. When I'm 90 my angel will be 25 and my wife will be 72. Lovely ages.'

Bronson has spent 37 years of his over 40 years in prison in solitary confinement after continuously having his sentence increased for attacking prison staff and taking them hostage. The prisoner, who has been featured in numerous books and studies on penal reform, is currently serving a life sentence for robbery and kidnap.

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