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3 Categories Of Ladies You Should Never Assume Are Into You

Most of the times, we guys are very sensitive to the kinda light thrown from the opposite sex (the bad and niggaz from the zanga will relate). This varies from a girl asking us whether we have a girlfriend, calling us, taking us on dates e.t.c.

Not however, there are categories of women you should never consider their acts as green lights, else, you'd end up red-flagged by her.

1. The Nudists: trust me bro, don't ever take it to be that she is into you. You get to her room and you are surprised she is in panties and bra, obviously comfortable around you. Bad news, she doesn't only does that to you, she does it to all her visitor's except for the elderly ones. If you ain't smart in d game, you'd fall for it and make a supposed 'smart move'. This will def land you a dirty slap. Be warned!

2. The Tomboys: you mostly see these girls alone in bars, football viewing centres, or on the pitch of a football match. Also you'd see them swing their arms around guys while walking with dem, or probably hugging every guy in a group of a dozen guys. Don't rush these kinda gals as they are mostly like guys, hence a number of them are lesbians (not always). If you ain't smart, you'd fall for it and you'd definitely crash.

3. Bartenders and Hostesses: these group do theirs professionally. The ethics require them to be extremely nice to clients, hence, a JJC in the game who takes these 'nice' acts as green light is obviously O.Y.O.

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