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Gov Ikpeazu Rescues Accidents Victims, Pays Hospital Bills

Deaths are reported often due to accidents.
If we all pledge to be responsible on roads,a lot of such deaths can be avoided.

When such accident happens, one needs to understand that the time lapse between accident and the time when the victim gets the medical attention in hospital, to a large extent, determine the fate of the victims.

Earlier in the week, the State Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu encountered a road accident on his way to work.
He ordered his convoy to stop so as to attend to the victims as well as help them to get instant medical attention.

It was at that point that he directed his Special Assistance on Health Matters, Felix Chinwendu Joe (Ezumezu) to take the victims to the hospital.

Working on Governor's directive, Chinwendu has constantly visited the victims at the Hospital, also made a deposit for their treatment and promised to take care of the balance when they are discharged from the hospital.

Majority of deaths take place because of lack of emergency medical care within the first crucial hour of the accident, that is why the Government of Abia State made provision for ambulances at strategic positions on the highway.

It is therefore in our best interest to drive carefully to avoid accidents on the road.

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