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TV Star in Shame After Her Breasts Popped Out of Her Dress During on Air Dance (Video)

A TV Star has suffered an embarrassing nip slip during an energetic dance routing on live TV.

The Italian sex-bomb was appearing on a TV chat show in her native Italy when the unfortunate accident occurred.

Wearing a strapless little black dress and stilettos, the woman was spun around by her male co-star before he flipped her backwards.

But as she came back up out of his hold the awkward wardrobe malfunction hit.

Her dress slipped down and she flashed audiences for a split-second before realising anything has happened.

Grabbing her dress she manages to pull it back up as her male partner continues to dance, oblivious he has just over-exposed the woman.

She’s not alone in being embarrassed on camera.

A brunette bombshell was almost knocked out of her bikini when she was hit by a massive tidal wave while posing for a saucy photoshoot.

The hot model was just getting into the swing of things in her tiny two-piece when she was totally wiped out by the water.

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