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Secondary School Teacher Thrown into Kirikiri Prison for Doing this to a Female Student in Lagos State (Photo)

A secondary school teacher, Sunday Adeshina, has been thrown into Kirikiri prison in Lagos State. The teacher was thrown into prison for repeatedly flogging a female student until she started bleeding.

The incident happened at the Great Esteem Private Secondary school in Ijeshatedo area of Lagos state. While narrating the incident, the 14-year-old SS3 student identified as Onyinye Nwakaeme, said the teacher attacked her on the head when she could not give a correct answer to questions he asked her during a class.

“We were taking Economics class that day and I was busy copying note. I had just returned from my father’s burial. Being behind schedule, I used every available time to copy my notes because I had a lot to write.

“The teacher saw me and called me out with some people, claiming that we were making noise and asked us to explain what he had been teaching. I didn’t get the question right because I was really not paying attention to him. Out of anger, he started flogging me.

“He flogged me to the point that I was bleeding on my head and he didn’t stop. Even when the proprietor asked him to stop, he was fierce and wanted to flog me more.” she said.

After seeing the degree of injury their daughter suffered in the hands of the teacher, the parents of the girl reported the matter to the Ago police station.

Onyinye added, “I got home and reported to my parents about the inhumane treatment he gave me in the school and some of my older siblings went to school with me to address the issue. On getting there, he was absent from the school till the day was over.

“We decided to report at Ago police station to take necessary measures and arrest him because the school was unapologetic. They spoke rudely to my family and asked us to go to any length whatsoever to fight them.”

The student was suspended indefinitely by the school management over the incident as they threatened the girl's parents to go to do their worse.

The girl’s family have demanded a reinstatement of the girl but the school owner, Pastor Rotimi Olu Joseph, has vehemently opposed it, claiming that Onyinye’s family stormed the school premises with thugs.

“We gave the girl suspension because it shows that she is not fit to be in the same environment with us. If they can take laws into their hands, then their ward has no place in the school.

“Except they write to the school that she will be of good conduct, she will not be reinstated.” Joseph said.

However, the teacher claimed he was punishing the student for her mistakes. The teacher was charged to court for assault and was granted bail in the sum of N70,000.

He was transferred to Kirikiri prisons pending the time he would meet up with his bail conditions.

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