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Expensive Joke! Man Drops Two Giant Pythons on His Girlfriend While She Was Sleeping (Video)

A video has shown the shocking moment that Derek Deso, a serial prankster woke up his terrified girlfriend by dumping two massive snakes on top of her.

Derek Deso, a YouTube practical joker has a habit of taking his pranks to extremes. But this video might be a step too far even by his standards.

Derek enlists the help of a snake handler for a prank that will make many people’s skin crawl.

The pair, along with two cameramen, sneak into his partner’s bedroom as she sleeps.

One of them then tips the pair of pythons out of a cardboard box and onto the poor girl’s back.

The men can be heard giggling as Derek then wakes her up, saying: “Baby, don’t move – there’s two ginormous snakes on your butt!”

She instantly starts screaming and begging him to get them off of her. But here desperate pleas fall on deaf ears – as the men seem to find it hilarious.

In fact, the prankster can be heard telling her: “He’s angry! He’s going up your butt!”

Eventually, the snake handler steps in to lift the animals off and take them away – but only after a good minute of her screaming in fear.

The poor woman then continues to cry even after the snakes have been taken away, screaming at her boyfriend: “That’s not funny!”

The video drew mixed reactions from commenters on YouTube, with some finding it hilarious, some saying it went too far, and others claiming it was staged.

One wrote: “That’s a very scary prank to do to anyone. That’s beyond cruel.”

But another commented: “Hilarious as hell. I have a fear of snakes I would of done the same thing.”

Watch the video below:

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