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VIDEO: King David Ft. Young Pharaoh & Odessy – Whallahi (Remix)

PRODUCER, SINGER/RAPPER and SONG WRITER, KING DAVID returns with a new track called “WHALLAHI” meaning “I SWEAR” chanting G.O.E, meaning “GODS ON EARTH”. The track represents power strength and courage. It’s a mixture of rap trap, and grime King David is not one to hold back in expressing himself both on songs and in the visual and most defiantly not on stage. Also introducing his crew the GOEs which are “Young Pharaoh” and “Oddessy”, which they also featured on the remix of the track.The visuals is a super clean video, which shows KDS creativity and open mind to not do the nom. “Whallahi” is a track, which I think would cut across many hearts. Enjoy!

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