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Nigerian Model buys iPhone from U.K, receives pack of pens instead

A Nigerian model who bought an iPhone from U.K, which she reportedly shipped to Abeokuta in Ogun State, took to Instagram to lament over receiving a pack of pens instead.

According to the model who lamented over the cruelty meted out to her, she paid over 40k for the shipment but got a pack of pens instead. Read her post below;

Everything about this country is messed up. Got a brand new iPhone 6s from the UK and decided to bring it down here through DHL while my mates are buying iPhone X,XMax, I decided to cut my coat according to my size, bought what i could afford .

I could have used UPS,FEDEX or any other courier service,but i chose DHL thinking they won’t disappoint,they are good and trustworthy. After paying ₦18,000 to bring it down here. DHL brings a letter on Monday,8th(the estimated day of delivery) saying i had custom dues and other dues to pay amounting to ₦21,632,that’s about ₦40,000 altogether.

Just for the package to arrive on Wednesday,10th and instead of seeing an iPhone 6s,Lo and behold it was a pack of blue Biro, i know it is very funny. This is so unfair and cruel, i don’t know who did this or how it happened. I don’t know anyone,I’m not popular but I just hope justice prevails, i can’t have sleepless nights, gather money for months just for someone to take something that belongs to me. I don’t have a big god o edakun😂😭😭😭😭
Tracking number is 8034930330

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