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Ladies who refuse to date married men are foolish – Man says

A Nigerian man identified as Oriyomi Soile has taken to Facebook to blast single ladies who refuse to date married men.

Otunba Oriyomi Soile, who berated single ladies for insisting on dating young guys, asked if any of the Sweet Boys has taken them to the alter. He then went further to hail married men for being more romantic than young boys and even said he is an advocate for polygamy.

He wrote;

“Admin pls consider for approval. U don’t want to date a married man, because it will not end up in marriage abi, o ya tell me, how many of ur single guys both reigning and those u call ur ex has married u, oshi. Let me tell u, most of u will not be born if ur mothers were dat foolish, embrace wisdom.

Every man is a prospective husband weda single or married, open ur eyes girl, ur husband may be dat married guy u are refusing or dat married guy u are not treating right because for ur mind he is married so na mugun. If u know u know, married guys rock. I am an advocate of polygamy, if this hurts ur sensitivity I am not sorry".

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