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French entrepreneur Gontran Diamo, posts suic!de note before jumping to death

French entrepreneur Gontran Diamo, who shocked everyone yesterday by jumping to death in Miami, posted a suicide note before the suicide act.

Before jumping to death, the French entrepreneur had written on Instagram;

Tell my mother that I love her with all my heart.I have always fought so that she lacks nothing and forgives those who hurt me.papa also I love you so much ♥ ️ , to my brothers and sisters. Smartgirl I loved you I love you and I will love you ♥ ️. My friends, I love you, let us love you alive. NB: I hope for you that you will be very rich after my death

The French entrepreneur Gontran Diamo who committed suicide by jumping off the 10th floor of an apartment building near Brick City Centre, Miami, Florida, was loved for his rags-to-riches story and was at the 73rd UN General Assembly, a day before.

It has since been rumoured on social media, that he committed suicide because of a relationship gone sour with his friends. @bizzleosikoya wrote;

Heard they did a deal with him, cheated him and wanted to kill him with black magic

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