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Disturbing video of Justin Bieber twitching and shaking

A disturbing video of Justin Bieber twitching and shaking after meeting some of his fans on the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has sparked concern over his well being.

The singer who was larking around, mimicked an unseen fan’s over-excited enthusiasm upon recognizing him in the 18-second clip – however he then shook seemingly uncontrollably for a brief moment.

The 24-year-old Grammy winner, was then spotted patting his fan’s back with a shaky arm while his face goes from grimace to severe smile and back again. Justin Bieber was spotted in Michigan on September 8, when he attended the family event CityFest in West Michigan.

However after the video which has gone viral surfaced, a Twitter user identified as TKayla Jackson wrote: ‘There’s a video going viral of him… meeting fans. So f***ing sad dude.’

Another fan of the singer identified as Clair Waldorf described the ‘disturbing’ video of Justin Bieber twitching and shaking, as ‘one of the worst things I saw this month’ and she ‘wished I never watched it.’ And a Twitter user called Whatevz wrote: ‘Justin Bieber… poor guy. Hope he gets the help he needs.’

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