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Teenage boys arrested after failed robbery operation in Anambra

A group of young teenage boys that specialize in burgling residents’ houses in Obosi community, Anambra state, has been apprehended after a failed robbery operation, by security operatives in the area.

Reports coming from the area indicate that he young boys have consistently burgled people’s shops and homes unabated with specialized key cutter.

And several reports have been made to the nearest Police Station within the community but nothing was done.

And no one even ever thought the suspect would be teenagers as it was widely believed the people responsible for the burglary incidents in the community were adults.

The entire community was however surprised when the real culprits turned out to be teenagers. They were caught while trying to rob a home thinking everyone had left and not knowing some occupants of the house were in the home.

They were immediately apprehended and paraded round the community. An item recovered from them is a specialised tool they use in cutting locks.

They suspects are:

(1)Nwoye Ugochukwu from Utulu Abia state Age 16yrs.
(2)Ifeanyi Osuno from Abidi village Umuoji.
(3)Chiemelie Osuno from Abidi village Umuoji Age 15yrs.
(4)Ifeanyi Simon Onowu from Amafor village Age Nkpor 24yrs.

They have since been handed over to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.

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