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Kylie Jenner removes lip fillers, shows off smaller pout

Kylie Jenner has revealed she’s had all of her lip fillers removed, leaving fans praising the return of the “old Kylie.”

The beauty guru, 20, was seen sporting a noticeably smaller pout in an Instagram picture posted on Sunday, later revealing that she’d ditched her trademark fillers.

Jenner posed alongside a friend in the snap, wearing a casual tank top and black skinny jeans and considerably smaller lips.

However, fans were quick to notice the change in the mother-of-one’s appearance.

One fan told Kylie Jenner how the snaps resembled the “old” Jenner, leaving the star to respond: “I got rid of all my filler.”

The 20-year-old was met with a wave of support from fans who were pleased she was now sporting a more “natural” look.

One fan wrote:

“I reallyyy lovee your lips kylie!! Natural is beautiful as well, you should put way more pictures up! show it off some more.” [sic]

Another commented:

“Wooow Kylie Jenner, you look so beautiful, and I am in love with this natural look on your face! You go girl.”

A third posted:

“Lol thank you for trying to revert back to some of your natural look, you have a team of sisters you all should embrace the beauty of women and encourage other women to embrace themselves

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