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We are SARS, we drink blood – Officials allegedly say to man they beat up

A Nigerian man identified as Kamil has taken to twitter to narrate his bitter experience with SARS operatives earlier this morning.

According to the man, he was picked up for no just reason and before he knew what was happening they had started brutalizing him. He also alleged that the SARS operatives told him they drink blood and so they are invincible.

Read his narration below:

It’s crazy how I got beat up by FSARS today at exactly 12:45am

The only thing that hurts is that I will never get justice … this bastard was drunk AF!

Why would any “Officer of the law” tell anyone that he drinks blood ?

I was beat up with a cutlass put in handcuffs for absolutely nothing. ..Guys the videos are real!!

These guys(3) put me in a space bus (Toyota Sienna) that had no plate number and refused to enter the Area F police station even after putting me in handcuffs #EndSARS

“We are th Federal SARZ and we drink blood!! You no reach I go put bullet for your body” these words haven’t stopped playing in my head #EndSars

There was a Good Samaritan yesterday but after being threatened to be killed he had to run for his life … can’t blame you man, thanks for trying

What does it really mean to be Nigerian ? Because all this dead country has brought me is pain. After all that beating I didn’t even get any scar just a bruised shoulder, I thought I had ajebutter skin

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