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Pastor promised to pay me N300,000 to act fake miracle – Man alleges

A man has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to narrate on his experience in Lagos and according to him a Pastor  approached him and offered to pay him N300,000 if only he could act a fake miracle in his church.

The man who seems confused now seeks for people’s opinions on whether to consider the offer or just move on with his foam hawking business on the streets of Lagos.

Read his story

I am an hawker I hawk foam to clean car glass.

On Friday this week a man met me that he will like me to do business for him. He said I should not fear he is not a 419. He then paid for all my foam and took me to a restaurant.

He said he just want me to come and act for a fake miracle in his church in Abakaliki. That they will make me up as if I have serious leprosy.

The Pastor then promised to pay me 300k after the acting. but once I come to Enugu he will give me 100k. Then month end after the prayer when I come for testimony he will give me 200k. I can go and start a business if I want.

My friends I will not mention the church for now. Am to follow him on Saturday to the church for the makeup. Am seriously thinking.

Guys should I go?  Will they kill me? Will God be angry with me? Please advice. We are moving on Saturday against Sunday.

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