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Nollywood Actor, Ijebu, escapes death as fire guts his hotel room

Nollywood Actor, Ijebu, escaped death by a whisker as A.C fire gutted his hotel room, and we can’t help but be grateful for the tragedy averted.

The Nollywood funny man, Tayo Amokade popularly called Ijebu escaped death in an hotel room in Ikeja Lagos last night.

The actor returned to his hotel room from a movie set last night only to rush out again when the room’s AC unit suddenly caught fire.

In a video he shared on the social media few hours ago, good Samaritans were seen pouring water on the malfunctioning AC unit.

The actor survived with no injury even as the fire destroyed the entire hotel room.

Sharing the video on his Instagram page, Ijebu thanked God for saving him from the fire accident, he wrote;

Just escape death now…. Ko si Iku lojuwa atike lakun,Glory be to God almighty for saving my life 🙏🙏🙏🙏. I will not die but to leave and declare the work of God… Thank you Jesus

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