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Nigerian Army officer fighting Boko Haram commits suicide

A Nigerian Army captain on deployment in the North-east to battle the Boko Haram  terrorist has committed suicide, by turning his rifle on his own stomach and opening fire at the 7 Division Medical Centre in Maiduguri on June 18.

The Army officer flipped his rifle towards own stomach and opened fired, he then was referred to the facility for medical examination and treatments, but passed on shortly thereafter.

The brigade has notified appropriate authorities of the development, including the Defence Headquarters.

Before the officer killed himself, he threatened shooting a storekeeper at the medical centre armoury, who fled for safety.

The officer was attached to troops operating in Mafa Local Government Area, Borno State, the heart of Boko Haram onslaught. He collected his gun from the armoury on June 18, saying he was returning to Mafa to join his team the next day.

The nature of his ailments prior to the suicide could not be ascertained before this story was completed.

The incident occurred seven months after a soldier opened fire on a captain, killing him before killing himself. That sparked renewed fears about post traumatic stress disorder amongst troops combating insurgents.

The military said the matter would be investigated, but the outcome remained unknown.

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