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Checkout The New Looks Of The Conjoined Twins That Were Separated At FMC Yola

Fatimah and Maryam, the then four months old set of female omphalopagus twins said to be delivered by Caesarean section in Maiduguri on November, 25, 2017, with a combined birth weight of 4.5kg, shared a single umbilical cord and were joined from the mid thorax to the mid-abdomen.

The twins were transferred to the Federal Medical Centre, Yola Adamawa State, on March 25, 2018, to be separated.After six weeks of preparation,they were successfully separated on Monday, May 14, 2018, following a four hourssurgical operation.

Investigation revealed that the surgery was carried out free of charge as was testified by Muhammad Ramat 30 and Fatimah Kellu Adam 27 who are the parents of the twins.

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