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Doctor Fights Policeman Who Called Him An Armed Robber

According to the Nigerian doctor, they had a physical altercation after the policeman who appeared drunk called him an armed robber, claiming the bikeman driving him to the hospital was his escort. Here's what he wrote below;

For the first time in my life, I fearlessly took on a policeman yesterday.. I was called around 10pm for an emergency in the hospital, took bike cos no cab again. Then this policeman stopped us, asked the bikeman for 1k, i pleaded and explained my mission to him.

He told me to identify myself, which i did with my ID card, he asked why they didn't come with ambulance to pick me if it was true, I explained to him that the only ambulance was being used to get the accident victims from crash location.

He actually wasted my time for 30mins, I started begging him. He said he wanted the 1k from the bikeman. His colleagues came to around asking what happened. The policeman said "na this bikeman dey escort this armed robber to their robbery point o".. WTF!!! MY HEAD DON SCATTER

He appeared drunk anyway, later claimed he was only joking, but before he could say that, my head don overheat, i jumped down from the bike, pushed him with his rifle (seriously, i don't know the kain spirit wey enta me, but i was so mad). He fought back, we exchanged few knocks before others came to separate us.. I even thought i would be brutalised and be chilling in the station this morning, but no, they apologised on behalf of their colleague and told me to go save the lives first. I was surprised.. I'm still surprised this morning.

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