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Why i stopped getting personal with my fans - IK Ogbonna

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of pecks and benefits. The money, fame and lavish lifestyle. You can’t deny the lure for extravagance. Women and the unending demands for attention. All these comes at a cost and who better to know than one of Nollywood’s top shot IK Ogbonnna.

The actor has revealed how he once outsmarted a crazy fan who resorted to blackmail after a failed attempt to R@pe him. .
Ogbonna made the revelation in a chat with Sunnews, when asked about his female fans and the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to him. His words: “A female fan almost R@ped me. It was crazy but the good thing for me is that I was at a friend’s place when she started making the moves, and I was recording everything she was doing. .
So, by the time she got to the point where she said she was going to shout and turn the tables around, I played back what she was doing and she had to slow down. I think that was the craziest thing a female fan ever did to me. .

Since then, I stopped getting too personal with my fans. I won’t have them come visit me or see me at a friend’s place and all that kind of stuff. I created a barrier.”

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