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Actress Moyo Lawal Asks Fans To Keep Her Future Husband In Their Prayers

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal shared a funny post asking her fans to keep her future husband in their prayers.

According to her, she’s getting worried that he hasn’t shown up.She shared the above picture on her instagram page and wrote in the caption;

hopefully I haven’t used shakara to chase him away. ..oh well …. Time to go sleep on my empty bed  ….pls eeeeh , while the people who love me are praying for me , let’s remember to include better husband …. What?? , OK oooh , sorry no vex ..…. Goodnight ….. Wait also not ….or not _

Weeks ago, the conroversial actress was in the news when she posted a picture that portrayed her as being totally unclad, with some of her coveted assets peeping out of their sacred places, which got tongues wagging and even some screaming that the actress has crossed the line this time.

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