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Policeman Extorts Man Of N5k For Recording Inmates Begging For Alms (Video)

A man nearly lost his phone to a policeman, today, for making a video of some inmates begging for alms in traffic. .
According to the victim, he was able to retrieve his phone after paying a bribe of N5k and deleting the video. .

Speaking on the incident, he said: “On my way from work see what happened. The police forcefully collected my phone after he noticed I was videoing the inmate begging for money.

He hurriedly opened the door pointed the gun at me and asked me to give him my phone. I gave him and started begging him, he then walked away and said if I wanted my phone I should come to badagry prison. .

I then drove beside them in traffic begging my way through to where there was no traffic. They pulled over, he then came out and said “do I know I can be arrested for that.”

That it’s an offense. He asked me to delete the video infront of him after paying him N5k. Trust iPhone naaa, the video got saved in deleted section of the iPhone.”


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