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See more photos from Nicki Minaj’s controversial Magazine shoot

Here are more photos of Nicki Minaj from the new cover of Paper magazine, which debuted on Instagram this Tuesday, featuring a trio of Nickis photographed by Ellen Von Unworth.

Nicki herself posted a social media video montage that day in which she licked her own breasts and passionately kissed someone whose face remained unseen.

On the cover, one Nicki sat proudly on a chair, wearing nothing but sparkling boots, pasties, a gleaming choker, bracelets and high-waisted pale pink underpants.

This first Nicki sat legs akimbo, setting each hand on the corresponding knee, and aimed a smoldering stare straight out at the camera.

Meanwhile, a second Nicki modeled a shining black bodysuit and matching stiletto boots, kneeling and positioning her head between the first Nicki’s legs.

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