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Kids Found Dead Baby In Gutter In Kaduna Thinking They Had Found A Toy. Graphic

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This is disheartening. A dead baby was found inside a gutter on November 9, in Kaduna state. According to a Facebook user who shared the photos, the dead baby was found by children who were playing in the area as one of the kids notified his brothers that he saw a toy at the backyard, not knowing it was a baby's corpse.

Read what was shared on Facebook by an eyewitness.

we found dis baby today in d morning inside gutter at #televisionkadunasouth. Some kids were playing in d morning at d backyard at seeing dis, the youngest among them run to his brodas telling dem dat he c a toy at backyard, on going der de fou out is a baby.

According to a medical personnel around the scene dat dis baby is 7month 2week nd de lady dat did dis is still unknown. may God have mercy on us all..

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