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“I think she is trying too hard” – Wendy Williams slams Nicki Minaj’s controversial magazine cover

Nicki Minaj nearly broke the internet yesterday with her photo shoot from Paper Magazine. The risqué photos featured the rapper in a threesome with herself and had everyone lusting, especially her ex, Safaree Samuels.

However, some celebrities wasn’t feeling it. Eve has frowned at it, and now show host, Wendy Williams has ripped into it.

Just this morning, Wendy said,

“I don’t like the cover. I think she is trying too hard and I get in a Cardi B world, you’ve been here for a moment, you are trying to retain your position in rap music — and I get Remy is on your tail and Lil Kim is about do something awful, she is about to come out with an album. Sink or swim, so this is her idea of swimming.”

She also added,

“I find it desperate and distasteful… this has gone too far.”

She then dragged Nicki even more for saying in the magazine she would only do a joint album with Beyoncé. Wendy said,

“I wouldn’t answer that call. First of all, Beyoncé doesn’t need to do a joint album with anybody.”

Watch Wendy below…


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